As the world is shrinking, studying at the best universities is no longer a privilege afforded by few. For someone who has the talent and is willing to work hard, sky is the limit! But there is always a little something that stands between you and your dreams. Figuring out that little something is the key to success. 

We, at Catch42, appreciate these dreams and want to be a part of the process as you embark on your journey towards graduate education abroad or at home. 

Who are we?

Well! The honest answer would be just two nerds, who also happen to love socialising, researching, organizing, and guiding!

Catch42 is the result of them combining their desire to help others and their passion for a good education. Their middle-class values have made them realize that they would not like to miss a chance to celebrate the success of others as their own.

You can check out what prospective and present students have to say about them here.

We, the founders, are both engineers from top Indian schools, have been through the grind of graduate study hunt ourselves. One of us is an MBA from XLRI with more than seven years of experience in strategy, successful entrepreneurship, and advisory services. And the other has worked in India and the US with the country’s largest infrastructure major.

We have ourselves secured admissions (law and business schools) at the following universities – Cornell, UT Austin (both business and law), Vanderbilt, Notre Dame (both business and law), George Washington, Emory, Boston college, Boston University, Washington and Lee, Fordham, Northwestern, University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign, Southern Methodist University, UCLA, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, Indiana University, Washington University at St. Louis, Rice, Rochester, Ohio State, Michigan State, Pennsylvania State, Minnesota, Georgetown, University of Washington, IIM-Indore, MDI, IIFT, and Indian School of Business. Together, have been awarded scholarships of more than 2.3 Million USD from these universities.  

What we do:

We provide customised services for enabling students seeking admissions to graduate courses in the US and India.

We know everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and ambitions. We would love to know you well, help you identify your objectives and select programs, and then start the journey. We ensure personalized attention as we know nothing is more important than your personality when it comes to admissions.

What’s more, we won’t desert you once you get that coveted offer letter. We don’t stop at admissions alone, we will also help you negotiate the best possible scholarship options and help you in connecting with alumni and future students. This will ease you into the program.

We are of the opinion that wisdom increases with sharing and are completely transparent and share whatever information and knowledge we have. We also try to ensure that nobody is deprived of the opportunity to work with us because of finances.

What we don’t do:

We don’t adopt a cookie cutter approach to admissions..

We are not here to spoon-feed you – that can get you to graduate school but won’t help you succeed there. We will walk by your side like your family will, letting you explore the path to success, and in the process, discover your aspirations; we will research schools and programs with you, stay up late nights with you to craft that perfect essay, discuss and guide you as you prepare for your interviews. In short, we will ensure you put nothing but your best foot forward.


At present, we offer our services for business school admissions in India, USA, and Canada and law school admissions in the USA and Canada. We plan to add more options as we go forward.