Application essays or personal statements are perhaps the most critical component of your admission application. It may be cliched but certainly isn’t false that essays can add life and color to an otherwise dull application. It also entails the most work since you are judged on many parameters – writing skills, communication skills, judgment, precision, presentation, etc. And the character in the story would be judged on leadership ability, clarity of thought, realism, etc.

Clearly, it’s also the component which can’t be replicated as you should ideally draft fresh essays/statements for each program you are applying to depending not only on the prompt but also the reasons you want to attend that program.

While it’s important to stick to answering the prompt, it is equally vital to let your creative juices flow and let you memory think of instances, events, and priorities in your life. The founders have managed startups and are amateur poets both. So, don’t worry, creativity is something where you would never fall short of.

It’s an exercise in self-reflection and drafting them could just prove to the best way of preparing for life at graduate school.  

We will not only help you think and provide feedback, but will help lend structure, flow, and of course, correct usage of the language! We are there at every step.