Interviews come in all shapes and sizes – face to face, telephonic, skype, pre-recorded, alum, adcom, stress, relaxed, conversational, and so on and so forth. And the sheer uncertainty makes it the most feared component for most applicants.

Interviews are the final and almost always the most important step to your dream school. Your resume, LOR, essays and every other application elements are reviewed by the admission committee, and if you are deemed fit to be a future student, you are invited for an interview. A good interview will allow you to tide over even glaring errors in the other parts of your application.

Everything mentioned in your application is added up and reviewed against your ability to articulate your achievements and goals. Apart from your professional promise and your academic capabilities, your communication skills and your response during stress is also judged.

Admission interviews can last anywhere between 15-60 and usually end with the interviewer offering to answer your questions. It is imperative that you ask pertinent questions that reflect your interest to join that particular school.

We, at catch42, will help you with everything related to admission interviews. Our founders have themselves faced more than 30 interviews and have been able to convert almost all of them into admissions. We know how to bring your story to the perfect shape and practice those crucial moments before the real deal. We will share a comprehensive list of probable questions based on your personality and the school, and discuss the answers at length. We offer to conduct mock interviews.

Our founders have helped more than 50 students with interview preparation, and their feedback has worked wonders. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!