So, you’ve aced it all – the essays, the application, the resume, the resume, and everything else. You have admits to multiple programs. It certainly calls for celebration. There’s absolutely no doubt that you can relax.

However, the real decision making is now. It comes as a rude awakening call for many when they realise the first real management exercise for them has to be made before the program begins.

It’s good to have a problem of plenty but choosing where to enrol could well be the most important career decision of your life. There’s so much going on – deposit deadlines, mismatch in timelines among result dates, scholarship negotiations, determining external scholarships, and so on and so forth. It’s a herculean task for most. That’s generally because it’s an extremely subjective exercise. It’s very easy to be completely lost here. Because there are no established guidelines on how to make the decision. The jazzed up instructions on the school websites can only help you get that elusive admit; but hardly ever beyond that.

That’s where we at Catch42 come in. We help you with a database of scholarships offered by a plethora of external organisations. We help you create that perfect weighted algorithm which will make your decision a child’s play. Ok am kidding! That’s stretching it too far. But the “correct decision” can be taken with the right guidance. We make sure we understand your priorities (with respect to goals, geography, finances, partner’s goals, faculty, community and culture, etc.) well to ensure you don’t regret the decision and remain proud for a long time. Try us out!