The decision is made and so is the deposit. But now starts the real deal. Trust us, we have been through this and we have seen people’s plans going haywire at this very stage. It’s not a lot of time you have before you need to fly off for your studies.

There are some very pertinent issues which need consideration:

Financing: Tuitions are rising and so are the options to finance. It’s a lethal combination leading to big time frustration. One needs guidance on a myriad factors including interest rates, currency of the loan, upcoming forex fluctuations, collateral/security, cosignors, disbursement schedule, repayment options, refinancing, loan forgiveness. We understand that it can be a nerve-wracking experience. We have on board people like you who have studied all the options and

Visa: We have seen students jump with you when they get their student visas. That’s when it all sinks in. But we have also come across unfortunate incidents of visa denials. It’s a necessary condition for studying abroad. Having organized documentation and being prepared for interview is an important step for taking up graduate studies.

Housing: Moving to a new city and navigating through housing is damn tough. This nuisance certainly wasn’t what you signed up for when you decided to take up post-graduate studies! But it’s one of the check boxes you need to tick. Yes, we would help you cross the hurdle.

Packing, Flight, Insurance packages, Immunization – There are tons of other items you need to navigate. You want to ensure you carry all items you need without ever facing the need to go grocery shopping, get the most comfortable flight deals which also offer student baggage concessions, and also get the most economical and comprehensive insurance. Yes, we do our best to make sure your Utopian dreams are realised.