Let’s start with the single most important step of your graduate education: selection of the programs most suited to you. It’s certainly a two way process like all marriages. You shortlist the schools and programs and apply. And then the schools select you. If you get admitted to multiple schools, you again get to make the choice.  

It is no mean feat to shortlist the schools and programs you want to pursue. Do you follow the popular school rankings and choose the top-ranked schools? Do you choose schools as per their locations? Do you go for specialty rankings, or is it the schools which are most generous in terms of scholarship? Further, you only have limited budget for application fees. How do you balance between “Safety”, “Reach”, and “Target” Schools? These are all critical considerations, and you can’t consider one factor in isolation.

The deluge of information on school websites, online forums, and social media often leaves students confused when it comes to establishing fit with a particular program.

But don’t you worry, we will help you with this critical step. We will suggest a set of schools based on your scores, your background, your interests, goals and budget. We keep it transparent. Our views will always be accompanied by convincing logic. We will help you no matter which schools you finally choose to apply.

Having been there, done that, we know how important adopting a pragmatic approach is. We will help you to land an admit you genuinely deserve and will cherish for a long time.

At Catch42, we will base your school research on a specialised template.

And yes, it is possible to apply widely while working full-time. We will make it happen for you!