The resume is arguably the most important document in your professional life. Its objective is to provide a quick and accurate snapshot of who you are and what you’ve achieved. A well crafted resume should be easy on the eye and should tell a reverse chronological account of an individual’s professional and academic development. Understanding the contextual purpose of a resume often does the trick when it comes to preparing it.

Often ignored among the other application elements, resumes can easily make or break your chances of getting an interview call from your dream school.It also generally provides fodder for discussions during the interview.

We will enable you to craft that perfect resume that will not only help you showcase your core strengths as a prospective graduate student but also align your past experiences with your post-school aspirations. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of building a personal story around your resume.

We have helped many students successfully craft their resumes and have analysed resumes of successful students for many years. We have gone through the resume guides provided by schools, examined job seeker resumes, and recruited MBAs and other post-grads. So we know exactly what the schools are looking for in prospective students and will make sure that those features stand out in your resume.

We at Catch 42, will help you identify your strengths, ensure that you pitch your achievements and project your personality in the desired ways right through to success.