Nanditha Sankar, Emory Goizueta (Scholarship of $120,000)

I came across Sandeep on an MBA Forum. I was actively seeking out inputs with regard to admissions and on our very first call, he came across as a patient listener. I had spoken to several others to understand how comfortable I’d be working with them but Sandeep came across as someone who really seemed to understand my dilemma. I did not represent a typical MBA aspirant background and he was helpful to help me identify my target schools.

I’d often keep messaging him random questions and he would patiently help me out. When it came to my essays, he was honest in criticism and praise. He helped me structure my essays very well and see through bits from my story I’d never even understood myself. What was the biggest plus of working with Sandeep was how seamless the whole process was, it just seemed as if I was working with a friend.

I got an admit from Emory where I’d applied to using his assistance and also got a $120K scholarship. His guidance helped me understand how the admissions process works.

I later applied to a few top ten schools and secured admissions and scholarships. While I chose to attend Dartmouth Tuck, Sandeep continued to help me decide between schools,

engage with the admissions committees to understand my options, and advance my interests by negotiating with them.

I’d strongly recommend Catch42 and Sandeep, they’ve got your back!

Shravani Vatti, Tuck – Class of 2020

I took Sandeep’s help for my admission process in 2017. He helped me research among the business schools to find the school that would be an amazing fit for me: Tuck. And throughout the application process, he helped me with editing my essays, framing my story and helped me prepare for the interview. I don’t think my MBA journey would have begun without Sandeep’s invaluable help.

Leneesh Kumar Pokala, Northwestern Kellogg, MBA Class of 2019

The first time I talked to Sandeep, I was really impressed. I don’t know anyone who is so sorted and knows so much about admissions. The word that describes him best is ‘research’. He helped me understand the offerings of the school so very well and guided me through the process. He seemed to know every Indian in the Kellogg batch and was willing to connect me to them. I attribute my admission to a large extent to Sandeep. Thanks for all the help, Sandeep!

Divij Singh Kadan, Cornell Law School, JD/MBA Class of 2021

While most services of this nature stick to readily available public information, Sandeep and co give you in depth and personalised insights into whichever program you’re looking to apply to. Their outreach and unbelievably thorough follow up make them stand out from the competition.

Aman Bhargava

Amit Kumar, MIT Sloan, MBA Class of 2020

What I appreciate most about Sandeep is his structured thinking and logical thought process, and his in-depth understanding of the admissions process. While this helped me structure my application in best possible way, he also made sure that I bring out important personal elements that made my profile truly unique. He was very accessible and always available for help like a close friend with unbiased and extremely valuable advice, and I believe that his personalised approach made a real difference.

Augustine Chatterjee, U of Maryland Smith, MBA Class of 2020

Great duo! Smart thinking and wonderful profile analysis. Strongly recommended. Unlike most other cookie cutters, catch42 will deliver a very personalised and unique essence to your pitch before the schools. Great working with you guys

Aman Bhargava

Gaurav Khandelwal, Columbia Business School – London Business School Global Executive MBA

I worked with Sandeep and Gangeyyo on the essays for the CBS-LBS program. I must say I won’t have gotten into the program had I not taken their services. The best thing about them is they are available 24X7 and they develop a good rapport with the client. So, you can discuss everything with them with ease – be it your insecurities, your doubts, and your strengths. On the phone calls, they gave sound and structured advice. I never got a chance to question the advice because it was always accompanied by the underlying logic, which helped me understand the admission process better and gave me a sneak peek into what’s going on in the minds of the admissions committee. And later, they spent substantial time reviewing the essays and then Sandeep would call me to explain each and every suggested change or comment in great detail.

It is true that they are invested in you and take your application at least as seriously as you do, if not more. Thanks again, guys and all the best! I would advise anyone looking for a master’s program to at least schedule a call with Catch42 and I am sure you won’t regret doing it.

Piyush Anand, Kellogg School of Management, MBA Class of 2020

When I started my MBA admissions journey, I was faced with a difficult decision of selecting which schools among the top 15 MBA programs to focus on. After wasting two months on connecting with foreign admissions consultants who gave me a canned sales pitch and generic school gyaan, I accidentally came across the duo of Sandeep and Gangeyyo. Without a minute to waste, they really drilled down on my background, objectives, and ambitions and helped me think beyond the marketing pitch of business schools to objectively evaluate my options. Later, they were immensely instrumental in helping me prepare my narrative and how to present a good fit for each selected school. I was thoroughly impressed by their extremely personalized and objective approach to MBA admissions and will highly recommend anyone to try out their services.

Piyush Panwar

Piyush Panwar, Cornell Tech MBA

From my very first call with Sandeep, I was impressed with his knowledge of the entire MBA admission process. I worked with him for 5 applications and got through Cornell Tech (I am waitlisted at Dartmouth Tuck). What struck me the most was the sleepless nights he used to spend with me in refining different versions of my application. He never gave up on me and always had the patience to keep making small incremental changes. He also used to take the initiative and keep pushing me and following up with me to ensure the work is done on time. All in all, it was an extremely comfortable experience.

He helped me holistically – not only on the application part but everything from school selection to the education loan approval. I am sure he would continue to help me if I need anything during the MBA. Thanks Sandeep. Cheers!

Aman Bhargava

Rahul Singh, NYU Stern, MBA Class of 2021

What struck me most about Sandeep and Gangeyyo was their knowledge. They put in tremendous due diligence and give you the most relevant information. For example, while choosing schools, they will give you a well rounded analysis based on class size, the pedagogy, the climate, the distances from recruiters and many other factors which other consultants or online forums don’t cover. They make the application job very easy for you by taking care of the things which need most of your time. They are very helpful and remain available. Highly recommended!

Abhinit Pandey, Ivey Business School, Class of 2020

I had the great fortune of working closely with Catch42 for my US MBA applications for Fall 2018. I worked closely with both Gangeyyo Bhattacharjee and Sandeep and let me tell you they are both absolute gems! They have extensive experience of guiding hundreds of candidates in fulfilling their International MBA aspirations. Besides, they are very well connected with current candidates in US and hence are well aware of the program quality, career prospects, faculties etc.

Where Catch42 stands apart from other admission counsellors is that it is invested in your success and guide you not only in your application essays and interview preparation but also in shortlisting colleges for application basis your requirements and fitment. Thanks to Catch42, I ended up getting multiple interview calls from top universities and ultimately getting an admit from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Neha Rai, Emory GBS, MBA Class of 2020

I would like to thank Sandeep to help me research MBA colleges in US. He is thorough in his understanding of value proposition offered by different MBA colleges. He helped me identify best-fit colleges for me and refine my application accordingly. He also connected me to current students in the US. He is more of a friend and less of a consultant. That makes him more effective. He is meticulous and the effort that he puts into your application inspires you. While he is a thorough professional, he doesn’t shy away from helping you in other matters of the MBA journey and life gyaan in general.

Anupam Kulkarni, Vanderbilt Owen, MBA Class of 2020, Full Scholarship

Sandeep is a well networked and resourceful advisor who knows what’s needed to succeed. He is an experienced mentor who would adequately motivate you and take time to help you understand a concept or break down a problem. At the same time, he ensures he doesn’t pain an unrealistic picture. He adds an extremely personal touch to his method of guidance which will help you not only for your applications but during your MBA and after it. He has information about everything under the sun and makes applying a breeze.

Bhawana Raycha, U of Washington Foster, MBA Class of 2020

Sandeep guided me at every step from shortlisting schools to preparing for the admissions interview. His inputs at each stage were extremely crucial and helped me convey my stories in the most action and result oriented way. His overall approach towards the whole process was quite positive which in turn helped me remain positive.

Saumya Jain

Saumya Jain, B.A. LLB, Jindal Law School

I have visited numerous counselors and the best experience has been with Sandeep. The clarity and knowledge of Sandeep with respect to the procedure and requirements of universities is a rare combination. He has guided me on every step, whether it was taking my LSAT’s or writing my Statement of Purpose. I would strongly recommend Catch 42 to anyone looking at going abroad for higher studies.

Aman Bhargava

Aman Bhargava, UT Austin Mccombs Class of 2021

Sandeep was a very helpful mentor to me during the process. I remember him giving me an extremely critical review of the first draft of my resume, which I thought was in good shape already. I realized there was immense scope for improvement.

Whenever I wanted a piece of advice or was confused with an idea while drafting my essays, Sandeep was always available at the shortest of notice. Unlike other consultants, Catch42 doesn’t have any limit on iterations, are very responsive, and doesn’t draw any lines on the kind of inputs they will provide. As advertised, they really are your best friends during the admissions process.

Atul Mishra

Atul Mishra, ASU Carey, MBA Class of 2020, Full Scholarship

These two are brilliant people with excellent track record. With the amount of experience they have, rest assured that the journey is going to be very authentic, honest and real.

Harsh Chandel

Harsh Chandel, U of British Columbia Sauder, MBA Class of 2020

The dynamic duo behind Catch42 is very talented and updated regarding the international education scene (especially the US & Europe). With over two dozen b-school & law-school converts between them, they really know what it takes. This venture is born out of their passion for helping & guiding fellow prospective students. In short, I can’t recommend Catch42 highly enough.

Aman Bhargava

SS, UVA Darden, MSBA 2020

“Nothing worth having comes easy” is a quote, which is ingrained in my philosophy of life. So, when I started to prepare for masters in US, I was not surprised when I had to slog to get a good GMAT score (700+), and near perfect essays. But, what surprised me was the amount of improvement, which was needed in my interviewing skills. And as fate would have it, this is when I met Gangeyyo. Firstly, it’s his name which stood out, but then as he helped me improve my soft skills, I could see the breadth of his sheer experience and knowledge. His analysis of the mock interviews, and his thought process about replying to each question was distinct but succinct. And, I am sure his ideas would help me even when I start to look for job opportunities in US!

Aman Bhargava

Dewashish Rai NMIMS, MBA Class of 2020

I have known Gangeyyo for about 4 years now. It is his able guidance and constant motivation that has helped me grab a seat at a premier B-School in India.

Not just on cracking the exams he was always there when I needed his help in my tough journey. If you get to know him you can reap the benefits of his planning genius. His core competencies are in organising, meticulously planning and the final step execution. If you have a dream to achieve, Catch42 is the place for you.

Aman Bhargava

Rishov Sarkar

I have known Gangeyyo for the last five years. He was a colleague at work and a very good friend of mine as well. Last year he scored very well on GMAT is now going to a US school with a full scholarship to do his MBA. From him, I came to know that how GMAT is only one of the many important points to consider for MBA applications. He is currently coaching me for GMAT preparation, and I am confident that his tricks and tips will help me reach a good score, much like he did. His knowledge of B School application is impressive, and I will sign up for his help and guidance.

Something not mentioned in this page, you can reach Gangeyyo with your doubts about increasing your GMAT score and going beyond the 700 barriers. I’m sure he will be able to help you out!